Boss Babes Aerial

What Is Aerial Acrobatics?

Aerial is a full body workout for all body types, especially those that are interested in movement, dance, circus, or just doing something different.

As a beginner, it takes patience with oneself building strength and flexibility, trusting in your own ability, finding body awareness, and being comfortable upside down. It can be physically demanding, so we teach in a manner that is safe and allows you to adjust to it slowly. The body builds up strength and comfort with it over time. Aerial is excellent for giving full expression to your creativity – who doesn’t want to fly or dance in the air? It’s also good for overcoming fears.

Some think of fitness as a few hours a week confined to a treadmill or a gym; often a chore we need to get out of the way. The beauty of aerial is that it’s an incredibly fun and artistic way to work out!

How Do I Begin?

An Introduction to Aerial class is held the first weekend of every month for students ages 12 and older. If you have never taken an aerial class, email us and we will get you scheduled. You must take an introduction class with us before you may begin scheduling yourself in Fundamentals, Application, or Creation classes.

If you have taken aerial classes elsewhere, send us an email to set up an assessment with one of our instructors. This assessment takes only 10-15 minutes. We will ask you to demonstrate basic climbs, inversions, and footlocks for silks, and for bar apparatus we will ask you to demonstrate some basic mount techniques.


It is recommended to wear tight-fitting clothing that covers your armpits, midriff, and backs of the knees. We recommend leotards, shirts that can be tucked in, and if you are wearing a tank top, bring a long sleeve shirt to use for certain moves in class. Please also note that a well-fitted and supportive sports bra is recommended under tops. For those that need them, dance belts are also advised.

Do not wear: shorts, crop tops, sports bras without shirts, shirts without bras and jewelry.

Parking & Amenities

The facility has a water fountain, restroom, changing rooms, and showers! Free parking is available in the lot directly in front of the building. The lot is well-lit, and close to the front door.