Boss Babes Aerial


Drop In:$25.00
Expires 30 days after purchase
5 Class Package:$99.00
Expires 90 days after purchase
10 Class Package:$169.00
Expires 180 days after purchase
15 Class Package:$209.00
Expires 210 days after purchase

Private Lessons

Private Lesson - 60 Minutes:$70.00
Scaled Private Lesson - A (60 Minutes):$45.00
Expires 30 days after purchase
Scaled Private Lesson - B (60 Minutes):$55.00
Expires 30 days after purchase
Scaled Private Lesson - C (60 Minutes):$65.00
Expires 30 days after purchase
Private Lesson - 45 Minutes:$60.00
Private Lesson - 30 Minutes:$40.00


Late Cancel & No Show Policy

We get it. Life happens. But, unfortunately we do not offer refunds. However; if you are unable to show up or have to cancel with less than 24 hours notice prior to your class start time, we will subtract a credit from your account.

Age Limit

We would love to teach all the beautiful souls that have an interest in flying, but for everyone's safety; our age limit is 12 years and older.

Open Gym Policy

At an instructor’s discretion, open hang may be conducted during times that classes are not in session and an aerial coach is present. If you are a student currently enrolled with us you are welcome to participate in our member open gym. This is a supervised session, meant for practicing what we learn in class.

Students who are not currently enrolled in classes will need to take an assessment with an instructor to participate. Email us at, including a video of your current skill level and/or a recommendation from your instructor.

Open hang is a privilege, and is meant for:

  • Putting together a routine for a showcase or other personal gain
  • Practicing moves taught in class by an instructor
  • Aerial conditioning

Open hang is NOT for:

  • Teaching another student aerial tricks
  • Pulling up Youtube and mimicking other aerialists doing moves that you have not been taught in class
  • Requesting the chaperoning instructor teach you moves you have not learned in class

If you are caught doing the above, you will be given ONE warning. After your warning, any further offenses will result in a ban in open hang.

If you are exhibiting unsafe behavior not included in the above, this may also result in a warning/ban.

While doing open hang, instructors are not under any obligation to study your every move. If you need instruction, or want to learn new skills - classes and private lessons are available for that purpose.

Class Schedule